Game designer, product designer, artist

Hi I'm Mary. I'm a UX Designer and Unity Developer who brings playfulness into problem solving through research and iterative testing.

UX Design
XR & Games
Game Design, UI Design
Get a Job!
Graphic Design
Game Design, UI Design
Google Docs Editor
Web Design
Game Design, UI Design
Toot the Turtle
Web Design
Game Design, UI Design
Project 4
Graphic Design
Unity face tracking
Saving Face
Using facial recognition technology to play
ux design, ui design
The Run Down
Helping dog owning neighbors communicate and coordinate.

NDA Protected

UX Research
Bound - Chrome Extension
Tackling lateness in the workplace.
ux research, ux design, visual design
Rodrigo Corral Studio App
A social app for the design community
Game design, UI design
Get a Job!
Need some distraction from the job hunt? How about a nice game about the very thing you fear?
Unity Programming, ux design
American Museum of Natural History -Orthopera
Educating museum goers about insects through play.
unity programming, game design, ux design
Toot the Turtle Takes the Toilet Tunnel
Navigate the treacherous tubes in this alt control game!
ux design, ui design
Google Docs Editor
Improving the collaborative experience through design.
What's better than Lode Runner? Posh Victorian Lode Runner!
unity Programming, 3D Modeling, design
Portrait of my Grandma
Step into my grandma's shoes in VR
Game design, illustration
Divine Intervention
A Miniatures game about building your pantheon!
ux design, ui design
Bound - Website
Improving sign up and understanding through design.
unity programming, design
HACKNY Winner - The Kim K Experience
Ever wanted to be glamorous and amazing?