Toot the Turtle Takes the Toilet Tunnel

Alt Controller Game Cabinet

Toot the Turtle Takes the Toilet Tunnel is a game cabinet that uses OpenCV to track a physical object as input. Our game's unique interface was developed by my partner Doron Rasis and me over the course of three months.
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Ideation and Proof of Concept

My partner and I wanted to use this opportunity to explore different alternative interfaces, especially in the context of games. Fueled by nostalgia for old arcade games, we decided to create a large game cabinet that used a simple, but satisfying interaction for control: yanking.
Initial Idea
To verify that our concept was fun, we made a quick prototype out of tape, rope, and a tennis ball.
Then, to verify our prototype's feasibility, we made a tracker script using OpenCV and Python. We also found a method to send data from OpenCV to Unity using threading.


Over the 3 months we worked on this project, we conducted multiple rounds of playtests to iterate our concept. After verifying the concept was valid, we  increased the fidelity of our project with each iteration until we had the final cabinet setup.

Full Writeup

Find the full writeup here