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Bound homepage

Creating building-wide transparency between dog owners to prevent wasted time.
Bound is Google Chrome extension that helps users get to their meetings and other Google Calendar events on time. As an early stage startup, it mainly gains users through influencer marketing and clickthroughs from social media posts. This project aims to improve the homepage's clarity and increase signups for the MVP.
UX Researcher
UX Designer
Visual Designer
1 Month
Visual Design
Adobe XD


Understanding the goals of the company.

I began the project by interviewing our CEO to understand how the homepage can best support Bound's current business goals. As a small company with limited resources, Bound's priority changes very quickly depending on our funding and product development. Through our stakeholder interview, I found the following points to be most critical to Bound's success for the next two quarters:

1. Increase downloads
2. Improve brand credibility

In addition, I also conducted a competitive analysis of four other productivity startups' homepages to better understand the market.

We decided to focus on testing the desktop website, since Bound was a desktop only Chrome extension and would benefit most from desktop clickthroughs.

Usability Testing

I designed a usability study to see where the main problems were. I conducted the study with five participants from the following demographic: 18-40 Year old, has an office job, mid seniority.

We utilized the following KPIs to measure our success:

1. Time on Task
2. Task Success Rate
3. System Usability Score (aggregate of questionnaire)

Research outcome

I organized the information we gathered into the following chart to see where we need the most improvement.

I also created a plus/delta map using the comments our testers made during the study. It will help us prioritize what features need the most improvement and what we have already acheived.

Problem statement

Bound's website is confusing to navigate and fails to convince users about the value Bound would add to their lives.

Our current website had many issues with the layout, spacing, and information architecture. In order to improve, we need to create a better flow and encourage users to keep investigating the website.


Building the sitemap

Since the amount of content we have is limited and our social media posts link out to different platforms, I chose to limit the amount of pages to 3.

The usability tests showed that users were happy with the way our home page was laid out, so most of changes on that page will be with the copy.

Site Map

I also made a MoSCoW map based on the competitive analysis to determine which features we should have on the mages.

Feature MoSCoW Map

Wireframing and tesing

I began by creating a quick paper prototype to test out the new layout.

The paper prototype improved the success rate of Task 1 and Task 3, so I moved forward and created mid fidelity wireframes using Adobe XD.

While testing the mid fidelity wireframes, I also introduced some components from the style guide. By doing that, we were able to test the graphic elements as well and create an improved style guide for future use.


Improved KPIs and overall satisfaction

1. Increase downloads
2. Improve brand credibility

Final designs and launch

I designed three final screens for the website. Most of the graphics shown below are placeholder graphics. The updated designs will be launched in early 2020, pending custom illustrations.