Game designer, product designer, artist

Hi I'm Mary. I'm a UX Designer and Unity Developer who brings playfulness into problem solving through research and iterative testing.

UX Design
XR & Games


Unity, ARKit

ux design project

HTC Creative Labs Design Project (2020)

How do you teach new users different actions in VR?

I spent a large part of my internship working to design a tutorial flow to teach users new interactions in methods in VR. From defining the problem space, to blue sky ideation, to prototyping, I was responsible for the entirety of this project and got to learn a lot about a lot.

I had to wonderful opportunity to work with the designers, developers, and researchers at Creative Labs to bring aspects of my project into a work-in-progress product. Unfortunately, that means I can't actually share my work here. Please contact me for more information.

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Unity ARKit

Uno Mondo

A miniatures game about building your own divine pantheon and battling for the love of your puny peons!

Uno Mondo is a AR experience for Hey Mister!'s Uno Mondo project. Using ARKit, I scanned their 3D printed little monsters and created tracker objects in Unity that triggered a fully animated monster into the playable scene. I then created a custom controller script to help navigate the little fellas around and help them play in their treehouse.

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Stupid Trash

New York is really just a massive billboard.

Are you sick of seeing advertisements everywhere you go? I am! When even our garbage bins aren't safe from the greedy claws of Advertisers (TM), Stupid Trash will help you take back the streets! Simply point your phone at a garbage bin and feel the soothing relief of your own face staring back at you.

NDA Protected

Unity VRTK

Portrait of My Grandma

A digital preservation of the stories from my grandma's life.

Growing up in a post war China wasn't easy. I grew up listening to my grandma's many stories from her colorful but bitter life. From falling into disgrace as the daughter of a "leftist" to becoming a doctor in the rural mountains of China, she fought setback after setback to create a life for her daughter, and eventually me. More colorful than any historical narrative I have ever read, I believe that her life story deserves to be documented and shared with the world. Built using VRTK and Unity.

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Unity, python

The Kim K Experience
(HackNY 2018 Winner)

Ever wondered what it feels like to be a Kardashian?

Wonder no more! With the power of WebVR and Unity, step onto the phone of our favorite Kardashian and immerse yourself into a comment storm in the Calabasas valley. Using a web scraper, we have populated this VR experience with authentic scraped comments from Kim Kardashian's Instagram to give you a taste of what it feels like to be Insta Famous.

Fun Fact: about 7% of the comments were spam links to porn. Go figure.

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360 video

Raw Chicken

Experience my grandma's braised chicken recipe up close and personal!

The first video project that I have ever made, I explore what it feels like to be a piece of raw chicken being prepared for dinner. Part cooking tutorial, part apartment tour, enjoy the voyeuristic experience that only a piece of organic raw chicken can have!

Fun fact: The camera was actually placed into a boiling pot at one point. No cameras were permanently damaged in the making of this video.

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Alternative Input Games



Saving Face

Microsoft Global Game Jam 2020 Entry

With the global concerns about hygiene and infections, our team decided to explore different inputs for games that uses alternative controls. We decided to use face tracking to create a game about repairing family relationships. To play, you must communicate with your family with facial expressions and placate them so they would stop fighting. Developed with Unity.

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Unity, OpenCV, Woodworking

Toot the Turtle Takes the Toilet Tunnel

An alt control game that runs on a custom built computer vision cabinet.

What that really means is we built a mega box and stuck a computer with a webcam and projector inside to track an LED in physical space using OpenCV and Unity. This game challenges users to coordinate with others to navigate the game world. Shown at Babycastles 2019.

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Unity, Wii APi, Woodworking


An alt control game that you play with your bum!

Using Unity and a Wii Fit Board, we created a family friendly game that you can play with your butt! Help the disembodied mannequin escape mall hell by waddling slowly into the void! Exciting

Shown at Babycastles 2020 Chaotic Interfaces show

Babycastles chaotic interfaces

Traditional media

Divine Intervention

A Miniatures game about building your pantheon!

Divine intervention is a miniatures game where players can build their overlord god by piecing them together piece by piece. Then they must take control of lesser gods to fight for the love of the little people!

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UX Design

Sketch, Figma, InVision, Adobe XD

ux research and design

Bound Homepage Redesign

Bound is a Chrome extension that aims to reduce lateness in the workplace through gamification. As a digital product, its identity lives on the internet and needs to be refreshed to gain the trust of its desired audience.

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UX research and design

Rodrigo Corral Studio App

Working with the leaders of Rodrigo Corral Studio, our team built an app to connect the design community through mutual intersts.

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Case study

The Run Down

Living in a big city with a dog is tough, especially when you don't know when your dog's friends are going to the park. The Run Down improves transparency between dog owners by creating a platform for them to connect with each other.

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NDA Protected

ux research and design


Bound is a Chrome extension that aims to reduce lateness in the workplace through gamification.

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ux research/Design and Unity dev


Orthopera is a project created for the American Museum of Natural History to help them showcase the purpose and variety of insect song. Built with Unity, this project is a study in UX that transcends the digital realm and creates physical output in the real space.

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Case study

Google Docs Collaborator

Working with others is hard. You step on each others' toes and everyone goes home frustrated. Google Docs Collaborator aims to create a feature for Google Docs that helps users take ownership of their workspace and improve workplace efficiency when collaborating.

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UI Design & Game concept

Get a Job!

Need some distraction from the job hunt? How about a nice game about the very thing you fear? Get a Job! is a rogue-like game where users much navigate the game tile to find job opportunities. Chores will pop up sporadically, so if you don't take care of them quickly, then you may find yourself backed into a corner!

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Code Art

Processing, Unity, JS


Livecode Show

Covered by the Financial Times (Sorry hard paywall)

In front of a larger audience than I've done anything in front of before, I coded live visuals using Hydra.js, an Atom plugin with the NYC Livecode group. It was an awesome experience and I definitely would like to do it again someday (once my palms dry off that is).

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Interactive processing sketch

Installation for The Round (NYC)

Livening up the space with corporate branding

During the summer of 2019, I was invited by The Round to create an installation for their job fair at Dumbo. My partner and I created a quick processing sketch using a Kinect to track the depth of nearby objects and manipulate an array of the Round's logo. Got to set it up right next to the Stack Overflow folks, which was pretty neat.

Unity and processing

Various Generated Data Art

Where art and math collides, there is more art.

While I have been interested in generative art using Processing for a long time now, I've also started using Unity as a platform to manipulate pixels artfully with code. Many of my projects here are created for my Math for Game Design course at NYU.

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Unity and Aesprite


What's better than Loderunner? Loderunner starting a victorian era little boy!

Created for 2D Animations for Games, Veggie-Terrible is a reskin of the classic game Loderunner. In my version, you are a little boy trapped in a greenhouse where plants have started mutating! Get some pesticides and get spraying!

All assets created by me in Aesprite.

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