Hey, I'm Mary

I'm a product designer with a background in game design and a passion for exploration.

Master's Student @ HCI+Design UW
Previously @ HTC Creative Labs

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Mobile UX and UI

NEST Neonate Transport Monitoring App

Helping medical control physicians at Seattle Children's Hospital monitor and treat vulnerable newborns during transport.

Mobile design
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Voice First Interface


Using the power of voice input to help users with visual impairment plan and enjoy solo vacations.

Accessible design
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Physical Computing


Keeping siblings who are quarantining apart connected by digitizing the calm presence of a nearby loved one.

Design Workshopping
Arduino coding
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VR Experience Design

VR Design internship @ HTC Creative Labs

An exploratory project about teaching VR newbies to use their hands as input.

VR Prototype
Experience Design
Exploratory Design
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Mobile Product

The Rundown

A mobile app that helps dog owners share communal facilities to help owners save time and keep their pets safe.

A passion project

Product Design
Visual Design
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Product Design


Uplifting women in quantum computing by providing a safe community to network and work on projects together.

Social networking platform
UX Research
Work In Progress

UX Research and Design

Capstone Project

This is the cumulation of six months of work  apparently. I dunno yet, but it should be good.

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Unity Development

Uno Mondo Prototype

Uno Mondo is a AR experience for Hey Mister!'s Uno Mondo project. Using ARKit, I scanned their 3D printed little monsters and created tracker objects in Unity that triggered a fully animated monster into the playable scene. I then created a custom controller script to help navigate the little fellas around and help them play in their treehouse.

Exploratory Design
Unity AR Protoype
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Portrait of My Grandma

Growing up in a post war China wasn't easy. I grew up listening to my grandma's many stories from her colorful but bitter life. She fought setback after setback to create a life for her daughter, and eventually me. More colorful than any historical narrative I have ever read, I believe that her life story deserves to be documented and shared with the world. Built using VRTK and Unity.

VR Storytelling
Writeup in progressSee the project

The Kim K Experience

With the power of WebVR and Unity, step onto the phone of our favorite Kardashian and immerse yourself into a comment storm in the Calabasas valley. Using a web scraper, we have populated this VR experience with authentic scraped comments from Kim Kardashian's Instagram to give you a taste of what it feels like to be Insta Famous.

Fun Fact: about 7% of the comments were spam links to porn. Go figure.

Unity VR
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Toot the Turtle

What that really means is we built a mega box and stuck a computer with a webcam and projector inside to track an LED in physical space using OpenCV and Unity. This game challenges users to coordinate with others to navigate the game world.

Shown at Babycastles 2019.

Alternative input game
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An alt control game that you play with your bum!

Using Unity and a Wii Fit Board, we created a family friendly game that you can play with your butt! Help the disembodied mannequin escape mall hell by waddling slowly into the void! Exciting

Shown at Babycastles 2020 Chaotic Interfaces show

Alternative input game
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Saving Face

Saving face is a game about keeping your family together by showing the right expression. Built using Unity for Microsoft Global Game Jam 2019.

Alternative input game
Facial recognition
Unity development
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Divine Intervention

Divine intervention is a miniatures game where players can build their overlord god by piecing them together piece by piece. Then they must take control of lesser gods to fight for the love of the little people!

Miniatures game
Game design
Writeup in progressSee the project